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Data Privacy Statement


The content available on this website is provided solely for general information purposes, no liability can be assumed for any errors or omissions. Content may not be copied, distributed to other persons or published either in full or in part except with the bank’s prior approval.

E-mail messages
Please note that e-mail messages exchanged with Bank Saderat Iran are not encrypted. Accordingly, the possibility of third parties gaining access to their content cannot be excluded. Therefore customers should avoid in their own interest any references to specific transactions, and any orders or instructions in e-mail form tied to a specific date are not accepted.

Data privacy
Banking transactions are based on trust. Bank Saderat Iran’s website activities are conform to data privacy and security legislation. Bank Saderat Iran attaches particular importance to ensure the privacy of personal data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and account data.

The following should therefore be noted in this connection:

Personal data
Bank Saderat Iran does not collect any personal data on its websites without the customer’s consent. The customer is the only one to decide whether any data is to be disclosed to Bank Saderat Iran, e.g. in connection with registration procedures. Personal data is used to answer customer inquiries, to process customer orders or to arrange access to special information or offerings. In the interest of maintaining customer relations, it may also be necessary to

   – store this personal data on Bank Saderat Iran servers,
   – use this data to inform customers of Bank Saderat Iran’s products and services.


Bank Saderat Iran respects the customer’s decision not to disclose his or her personal data and promises not to sell any personal data to third parties or to market it in any other way. When someone accesses Bank Saderat Iran websites, information that is not personal in nature (e.g. the internet browser and the operating system used, domain name of the customer’s website, number of visits, average duration of visit, pages accessed) is being collected automatically. This information is used to measure the appeal of the websites and to improve the content.

Information on cookies
When you visit an Bank Saderat Iran website, cookies are automatically deposited on your computer so that you are identified when you visit the site again. You can prevent such cookies being saved or specifically authorise them on a case-by-case basis by setting your internet browser accordingly.

Children should not send any personal data to the Bank Saderat Iran - websites without the consent of their parents or guardians. All parents and guardians should educate their children on the careful and responsible use of personal data on the internet. Bank Saderat Iran does not knowingly collect personal data from children, use it in any manner or disclose it to any third parties without authorisation.

Bank Saderat Iran takes suitable precautions to protect personal data. Customer data is conscientiously shielded from the risk of loss, destruction, forgery, manipulation and unauthorised access or disclosure.

Links with other websites
This website include links to other websites. For the data privacy strategies or content of such other websites Bank Saderat Iran cannot be held responsible.

Ongoing developments in the internet may impact Bank Saderat Iran’s data privacy policies. Any modifications will be published on this page. Questions on data privacy can be directed to Bank Saderat Iran under ‘Contact’. 

Data Protection Officer:
Mail:   hamburg(at)
Phone: +49 40 370050